We think every little Pug deserves their own photo shoot!
Mindful Moe Pug on Blackrock Beah
Mindful Moe Behind View
Mindful Moe meditates on Blackrock Beach
Mindful Moe Talking Plush Toy
Mindful Moe meditates on the beach
Mindful Moe Talking Plush Toy
My sincere thankyou Siobhan for the above beautiful photos -  https://www.instagram.com/siobhandotblack/
Mindful Moe's Photo Shoot
Moe still & quiet for photos!
Mia with Mindful Moe.jpg
Thankyou Mia for this lovely photo :)
Luke with Mindful Moe.jpg
Thankyou Luke for this lovely photo :)