The Story of Mindful Moe:

Once upon a time (in late 2015) Mindful Moe was just an idea scribbled onto a piece of A4. 

After much thought, a little mind-wobbling and lots of meditation, his mammy Julieanne made the decision that Mindful Moe needed to be brought to life!  She did lots of research, went to lots of meetings and Moe went through many revisions. Through it all,  her hope and love for this little pug did not fade! 

Mindful Moe Sketch
Mindful Moe Revisions
Julieanne's lovely sister-in-law made every one of these by hand until Moe was just right. (forever grateful to Cris)

Knowing the amazing benefits that Mindfulness practice holds, Julieanne went on to create the working prototype of Mindful Moe.  She was so so excited to finally hold her creation; to

hear his little voice; to be able to test him out with others, and use him to practise Mindfulness herself! 

IMG_Moe CE label side view_edited_edited
Moe Back_edited.jpg

Is Mindful Moe for everyone? 

Mindful Moe is easy to operate and suitable for ages 3-103!  Yes children, teens and even adults love Moe's soothing calming voice and of course, his cuddles! Mindfulness is an all-inclusive, secular practice irrespective of ability or cultural background. Mindfulness can benefit all children and can help children with additional needs, ADHD and children on the autism spectrum.  

Mindful Moe can be used anywhere and works best in quiet spaces with little distraction.  He can be used individually and also in group settings such as pre-schools, primary schools, children's yoga & meditation classes. 

Mindful Moe with creator Julieanne Reel

A Little Bit About Me:

My name is Julieanne Reel and I have been working with children of all ages for the past

25 years.  I have been running Mindful Kids Ireland since 2014. My formal qualifications

are in Childcare and Montessori Teaching and I am also a qualified Childcare Tutor.  I

trained to teach Mindfulness to children with The Mindfulness in Schools Project in

Bangor University, Wales.  I work mainly in Primary Schools all over Ireland and Northern

Ireland teaching Mindfulness to children.  I also work with groups and individuals.  


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❤ Thank you to my family and friends who have helped me in so many different ways to get to the exciting stage of launching Mindful Moe Pug - there are too many of you to mention but you know who you are and you are all amazing ❤ 

Thank you to my good friend and wonderful musician/singer/songwriter Jimmy Bakker for the beautiful background music in my video: Jimmy Bakker